August 1st, 2004



Have discovered that Hymir’s wife was named Hrod (only one source actually named her). Will now find/replace Gudrid everywhere I have posted fragments of this story.

Yes, it’s fiction, it’s parody, it’s all made up. I still try to be accurate in those details that I’m not intentionally changing. *shrug* I’ll call it artistic integrity and all who know me will laugh.
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    the wind through the trees... growingin pots on our terrace

Stop giving me good ideas!

1. I found an office chair on the street today, when I went out to buy OJ and feminine supplies (I hate that Y becomes IE rule. Supplys look better... kinda subtle and supple). So now my back will feel better.

2. The following cartoon is based on this woman, who bothers me, and stars my cousin. Photo by my sister, I think. Will find out in case copyright is ever an issue. NOTE: I try to always mention if the picture posted is not my own.

3. I forgot what three was going to be.