July 26th, 2004


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Finished Moby Dick last night. Around chapter 135, I realized that the whale did it.

Woke this morning to odd sounds around the building. Rolled over and awoke half an hour (and about 3000 dreams) later to the smell of coffee and crepes.

How are you today?

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another day in the life...

We were in the little grocery store in Paris when '74-'75 by the Connells came on the muzak.

I had recently introduced la_sherazade to them. She turned to me. "Do you hear what's playing? I thought you said they were a local band?"

Well, yeah.

When I was in college I would run into the Connell guys in The Fresh Market fairly often. It was odd because one of them knew me and the other didn't, and the only way I could tell them apart was by saying hello and seeing if they looked surprised. To me, that's local.

By the same token, I consider local: Corrosion of Conformity (the drummer lived next door) and The Bad Checks (Hunter "Crash" Landen was a friend in high school).

Look, whispy little clouds!

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