July 21st, 2004


facial hair report

I've been growing out the chin hair for about two weeks now and it is starting to look pretty good.

I'm going without the mustache this time at la_sherazade's request.

My beard always comes in red, but now it has a few white spots this time. I get the occasional wild & curly red hair in my eyebrows too.

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rain on the rooftops

Heading out to do a little shopping before it starts raining again. The last few weeks have been a series of sprinkles.

Yesterday was a day for old books. Picked up a bilingual Three Men in a Boat by Jerome K. Jerome, a very used Moby Dick, since I know there are lots of interesting chapters that I've forgotten about, like the sailor's chapel, and, for la_sherazade, the 1964 edition of Poirot Investigates by Agatha Christie, because the cover was so lovely.

*tosses a handful of commas over the post and backs slowly away*

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