July 6th, 2004



The water heater, which is mounted high on the kitchen wall near the ceiling, has sprung a leak. I called our agent immo and he will contact a plumber and call back in the morning. In the meantime, I have turned off all water coming into the apartment and have set a pot under it, just in case. It’s 3 am, and knowing Alain, he will show up with the plumber at 8 am.

On the plus side, I fried burgers for dinner. It was the first red meat I’ve had in months.
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The plumber called at 10 am to say that he was downstairs. An hour and a half later, the hot water heater is draining.

But, after seeing mtl’s latest post, I decided to go out for 2 pains au chocolate. It will be a few more hours before I can make coffee.
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and now we have aphids on the parsley...

There will be a new hot water heater this afternoon. The old one had corroded to the point that it was occasionally shorting out to the water inside.

This means we’ve been taking ELECTRIC SHOWERS! Invigorating!

p.s. i have coffee now, life is good
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