July 4th, 2004


Il a pour seul compagnon un étrange petit animal.

la_sherazade and I decided we shouldn’t watch Invasion USA dubbed into French, but I felt I had to share the description in the TV guide.

Chuck Norris is a former CIA agent who takes on a terrorist organization in the everglades and “his only companion was a strange little animal.”

Since I’m not watching it, can anyone tell me what the étrange petit animal was? Did Chuck go into battle with an armadillo or opossum by his side?
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Happy Independance Day!

My g^10-grandfather, Valentine Holifield, sailed from Scotland in 1688. He was about 3 years old. His parents died soon after arriving in the United States. Raised by a family friend, he became an indentured servant to Thomas Worthington, in Anne Arundel County, Maryland. As an adult, he ran away to North Carolina with some of his kids, where he became a farmer.

I’m something less than half Cherokee, about 1/64 Choctaw and some Iroquois thrown in to the mix. The rest is Irish and German. As Something Positive once noted, I’m genetically intoxicated.

As the direct descendant of a run-away white slave and native American genocide survivors, I feel like the quintessential American. I just have conflicted views of Thanksgiving and Columbus Day.