July 1st, 2004


Henri Riviere

la_sherazade turned me on today to this turn of the century painter who did images of Paris that look like Japanese prints. This one is from the quai where I like to walk. The recent duck photo would have been on the left in the image, about where the men are working. The building on the right is the Louvre.

can't sleep

here’s the view from my window

also, there's this: Collapse )

and this:

I still see the pink tank across the street. Odd, really, since it wasn't pink when it was across the street and it wasn't across the street when I saw it. It was pink, however, when David and I saw it in the park, while our friend Martin played Mozart on his cello.

The tank which would be pink had driven up David's street in 1968 and taken aim at his bedroom window when the Soviets brought an end to the Velvet Revolution. This was the same window that I looked out of every morning in the summer after the Velvet Divorce.

to be continued...