June 5th, 2004


Along the Seine...

Went for a long walk along the water, will be posting pics over the next few days.

I’m skipping the Bush/Putin/Schroeder/Berlusconi/Chirac protests tomorrow, although I’ll probably be searched trying to leave my cul-de-sac, soldiers are everywhere tonight. la_sherazade and I are hitting the book sales and pet fair.
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    She is playing Marilyn Manson very softly across the room...

A funny thing happened today...

la_sherazade and I were going to go to a book sale, but first we decided to visit la Fondation Assistance aux Animaux. I think I was perhaps weakened by cmpriest’s recent pleas for the Georgia kittens.

We brought home a black Persian named Saša (pronounced sasha). He was one of 70 cats found in an apartment in Paris a few months ago. I’ll post a picture later today.

For now, here’s a boat from yesterday’s walk.
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    Spooky is growling to let Saša know his place.

from flydayfive via chernobylred

1) What is the dwelling you secretly wish you owned? Houseboat, loft, country farm, something else?
Houseboat... but I’ll probably get the farmhouse first, I want to design and build the houseboat myself.

2) What sort of home do you want to have when you retire?
See above...

3) If you could make one room of your house over into your dream space, which room would it be and what would you do?
Manly old English library. Dark wood, floor to ceiling bookshelves, scruffy leather chairs, brandy, cigars and a butler.

4) What’s the thing that everyone oohs and aahs over in terms of housewares that strikes you as perverse at best?

actually, the telephone. I want DSL and a cellphone for emergencies only.

5) Is there something they haven’t invented yet that you wish they would from the same category? If not, what have they invented that makes you grin that happy home grin?
I want an Butler-bot with my MP3 library and cellphone built in, so it can follow me around, playing music and I can talk to it when I make a call. Our laptops and wireless network make me grin.
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