May 29th, 2004


2 of my favorite Germans...

sorry Veibke!

Since someone asked, >90% of the photos I post are mine. I usually mention if they are lifted from somewhere else. In case it’s not obvious, I didn’t get to photograph these two.

But I’m not sure about being called a photographer. It feels kinda like calling someone a microwaver or a televisionaire. I think we need a better word to distinguish “artists who work with cameras” and “people who point and shoot”... and people like me, who stumble back and forth between the two.

My digital camera is making me lazy, I should pull out the old SLR.
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random babblings...

The semi epaisse I’m using for my coffee is more the consistency of Elmer’s glue. It’s a half-n-half cream paste. When combined with my usual too-many sugars and extra strong made in a Moka coffee, I end up slurping an expresso slushy. Yum!

On the icon issue; I have become a paid member, so I can have 15 icons now. Well worth the $2.50 a month.
Oh, and it seems no one liked the aniMe, so here's a fresh version.

“The documentation will be officially certified as “art” by Jersey City Museum curator Rocio Aranda.
Rocio Aranda is the coolest name I’ve heard all week!

Are nipple extenders a fashion accessory or are they for babies with thick lips?

It was high summer and the weather was sultry, so she and Enoch pushed the fish to the local hospital mortuary on a small handcart.
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Book Meme

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Adam Kindl stood in the chambers of the Presiding Judge holding the green file he had just been handed (Indictment of Karel Kolzlik on the charge of murder) and waited for his superior to come off the phone.

Maurice hated the very word, and by a curious inversion connected it with morbidity and death. Three dogs were dead and, as [he] looked, the wolf caught another-- a handsome red-colored dog called Fox--and tossed him in the air the way a good terrier does a rat. A shifting sea with nothing at its center, except illusions, and loss. Laughter ringing in the night.

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