April 12th, 2004


I was linking around last night...

and I found this.

I quote:
“After World War II, many Japanese performers and recording artists had very successful careers adopting a variety of western styles ranging from Big Band to Cha-cha, but always with a distinctive eastern flavor. One vocal group that achieved tremendous popularity in this area was the duo of Emi and Umi Ito, better known as the Peanuts. Here in the west, we were treated to their vocal stylings in Japanese monster movies, wherein they played the tiny priestesses of Mothra. Here’s one of their albums, a charming selection of pop tunes from 1963.”

I love their cover of “Sentimental Johnny”, as in “gonna take a sentimental johnny, gonna set my har at ease.”

Tennessee Waltz sang by two tiny Japanese women with slight accents is SOOO cute!
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To Mom and Dad!

If you see this today, please put a little money in my account. I need to get a taxi to the airport tomorrow morning.

Um, in order to get it out in Euros, I probably need $25.

See you tomorrow! Sorry, I can’t call internationally right now or I would have called.

EDIT: If you can't make it, don't worry about it. I scrapped up enough change for the bus to the airport.
EDIT2: Actually, the train is faster, cheaper and closer to my apartment!