April 10th, 2004


Wish I could do that with my memory...

Sometimes when I reboot my laptop, I regain memory... this makes sense. Caches clear, temp files go away, deleted files finally vanish.

But today, I rebooted and regained 2 GBs. That’s 10% of my memory... I have more free memory now than I have in many many months, and I haven’t been on a cleaning spree...

I need to reboot my closet.
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and now, a little story to amuse our guests...

The cops were bright and shiny when I rolled out of bed this morning. Rolled out of bed onto the sidewalk, landing at their feet.

“Morning Jake, time for coffee?”

I staggered to my feet and realized I was wearing a baggy green jumpsuit.
I yawned, rubbed my eyes and came away with red and white smears on my hands.

“Hi guys. Um, what’s going on?”

“Well, we are just going for our usual morning constitutional through the park, when we found our old buddy Jake sleeping it off on a bench.
Par for the course, other than the green suit and face paint”

We headed off towards Manny’s hotdog stand for our coffee.

“Jake... we don’t mean to pry, but why are you in full circus regalia?
It’s going to be a little hard to overlook an old friend sleeping in the park occasionally if you start dressing like that.”

“Morning Manny.”

“Morning Jake.”
Manny handed me an extra napkin with my coffee.
“You got a little schmutz on your face.”

Then I noticed the hidden camera under the hotdog cart’s umbrella.

“Wait... it’s coming back to me now.
Aw man, you guys set me up... this is CLOWN FOR A DAY”

cue circus music

“Yes, that’s right, Clown For A Day.
Where a helpless drunk is sewn into a bozo suit, face painted, and set out in the city to find his way home.”

I looked into the camera.

“Next time, it could be you”
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