April 3rd, 2004


and this was my day...

Last night la_sherazade and I went for a walk. Crossed over Pont des Artes (which also happens to be a cool mix by St. Germain) and there was a student jam session taking place. About six or seven musicians were playing a kind of jazzy klezmer funk and there were dozens of dancing, drinking, picnicking students.

We wandered past the Louve and St. Germain d’Auxerrois, a really cool church with a neo-gothic tower. All-in-all a beautiful night.

Today I went to the grocery and there was a guy playing bagpipes in the front. Picked up a couple of pizzas and a potted ranunculus .

Spent some time watching TV and listening to the seagulls outside. Every dawn and dusk the seagulls go by on their way to the marsh on the edge of town. la_sherazade did a small watercolor. A nice day...
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