April 2nd, 2004


mckenzee's Friend Fusion

..little paranoid, but then, he did smoke epic volumes of weed. “Culture is not your friend,” said McKenna. But he meant ... it. I finished that today, and set about cleaning off the well head so that I could take it off ...
...velvet, and washable - were famous and widely used for clothing. In 1686 Colbert’s mercantilist and protectionist policies forbade the importing of cell cancer on his right elbow. Now he is a three-legged dog. “Max” used to be short for “Maximum Rubber Dog”. He and... Kim with whom I had dinner Friday night (aside: Who’da thunk: grapefruit risotto is delicious !) have a small child who ...got kneed in the face three times and Amelia and accidentally clonked heads twice, and I have lots of exciting news.
...and one of their recommendations was to spray them with mint oil, which is nontoxic to people. But further research turned up scenery, blasting Whipssmart by Liz Phair, I had that wonderful, soft, cool clean feeling you get from fresh water swimming. it’s ...a drunken good time. More photos, I mean, a lot of them, are in this link. and I go to California ..
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