April 1st, 2004


just another day...

Couldn’t get to sleep last night, stayed up reading The Best of Saki until about 5 am.

la_sherazade somehow managed to sleep with the light on (actually, I think she just lay there awake all night) and got up, fixed breakfast, washed dishes and headed off to do her research. I locked the door behind her and went back to sleep until around 4 pm. Did the little bit of work I had pending and puttered aroung the web.

anyone need any editing done? I need something to fill my hours and bank account. My telecommuting is barely covering the groceries this month.

Oh, and here’s a photo of something growing on the drain outside.

See, I’m bored...
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round and round and round and...

I read this on the Onion and was reminded of a story.

Disney’s Financial Woes: Company forced to pay out millions of dollars in hush money to families of Mad Teacup ride’s 280 victims.

Some friends of mine were going to Busch Gardens: Williamsburg and decided that it would be fun to take their precious hits of acid in the parking lot. They made it into the park, through the line, and got into the Teacups.

Gripping the “steering wheel” in the center, they got the cup spinning faster and faster...

A face appeared... whipped past... appeared... “Hey... Guys... stop... we... can’t... start... the... ride... until... you... close... your...door...”

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Eiffel Towers I have known

The first Awful Tower I saw was as a young child.
King's Island
Many years later I went to Vegas “The Adult Dizzied Land” and saw this.
A couple of years ago I went to Epcot and saw this one.
And now I live withinn walking distance of the real deal.
For the record, the real thing is much larger and more graceful.
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