March 31st, 2004


This really bothers me...

I was looking for information on Topf und. Sohn, the unfortunate oven manufacturing company that got hired by Hitler.
(Story research... I was looking at early Soviet microwave legends too)

And then I stumbled upon this:
Finally, you’ve reached the 1st accurately depicted story about the 1st generation of latch-key kids; the THRILLER-BABIES

Some chapters are even named after songs we ALL know. Just read the following, you’ll see!
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Life-energy Field Breakdown:

Ah, here’s what I wanted...

Reprinted from Perceptions Magazine, June 1996

Microwave cooking ovens were originally researched and developed by German scientists to support mobile operations during the invasion of the Soviet Union. Had they perfected electronic equipment to prepare meals on a mass scale, the Nazis could have eliminated the logistical problems connected with cooking fuels while producing edible products in far less time than they could using traditional campfires.
Life-energy Field Breakdown: Persons near microwave ovens in operation experience a breakdown in their life-energy fields which increases relative to the length of exposure.

I have this vision of a distopian scifi movie involving giant Topf u. Son microwave ovens.
Something along the lines of The Wall and Brazil, but with lots of snow.
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