March 21st, 2004


Sympathy for my Dutch Friends

From The Telegraph
Princess Juliana of the Netherlands - the original “bicycling monarch”, who reigned for 32 years before her abdication in 1980 - died yesterday. She would have been 95 next month.
The former Queen Juliana, who had been ill for many years, succumbed to a lung infection in the Soestdijk palace where she had lived for most of her long life. Her daughter Beatrix, who succeeded her as queen on her abdication in 1980, was at her bedside.
I also posted this because I'm a vexillology geek and she was one of the few people with her own personal flag, the Standard of Princess Juliana.
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lazy Sunday afternoon...

slept in, Jess made brunch (my first French toast in France!), then we walked over to the San Francisco Book Co. (17, rue Monsieur le Prince) and exchanged some of our old paperbooks for new used paperbacks.

I got Contact Imminent by Kristine Smith (scifi) and English Society in the Early Middle Ages by Doris Mary Stenton.

When we walked out, it was pouring down rain, so we waited a while under the awning, browsing the discounts, then dashed home.
The sky was amazing, a glowing pastel... kinda orange-sherberty.
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