March 15th, 2004


Image hosting test...

Also, we just discovered that Spooky is bulimic...

Apparently she will keep eating as long as we keep filling the bowl, then purge it all. So now I have to figure out how much 50-75 grams of dry catfood is.

Does anyone else use Google as a spellcheck? When it asks “Did you mean: ?” I almost always do.
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Micronesia, 1944

Women holding babes
as the old robes
placed food in the cave.

Sneaking through the trees
we three boys
spy on the Japanese.

So much food
no soldiers
and we were hungry.

Smoke swirled as
four tall hats
arranged the offering.

Crying to heaven
frightening the babies
frightening three boys,

the robes surged
driving the women
over the cliff,

into the waves,
babes still clinging
to their gods.

We waited,
then we ate.
Our gods lived in our bellies.
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