March 12th, 2004


long and unproductive day...

well, maybe not that unproductive, just negative progress, moneywise.

I managed to do about one hour of work for my “real” job. I got email from Craig at craigslist about the upcoming Paris site, I got several comments from friends on Livejournal, and I got my picture posted on Die Puny Humans.

And I got to play with some recent photos a little too.

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They say it comes in threes....

Dave Blood, bassist of the band The Dead Milkmen, committed suicide.
Spalding Gray jumped off the Staten Island ferry and Robert Pastorelli probably overdosed.
Three quirky artists gone...and Madrid.

I’m going to bed.
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Fructy: 100% Fruits!

So the only jus d’oranges available at our little corner store was avec pulpe.
Well, the good Lady J doesn’t like pulp, so her solution was just not to shake the carton before pouring.

A few days of this go by, then I decide that I want a drink of cool refreshing orange juice. I take out the box...
funny, that seems unusually heavy...
pour myself a nice big glass and take a sip.

Just want I wanted for breakfast, a chewy mouthful of Fructy brand pulpe d’oranges.

It says right on the label “Agiter before pouring for the best mélanger la pulpe.
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