March 8th, 2004


for those keeping track... (and a bit on Liminal Spaces)

at this moment, Jess and I are in Paris, my parents and one sister are in North Carolina, the other sister is in a small village in India, Jess’ mom is in Florida and her dad and sister are in Michigan. Our furniture is in California, our friends are scattered across the world (but are starting to check in with us) and there is evidence of water on Mars.

and, as Pico Iver recently said in the NY Times:
“The lure of modern travel, for many of us, is that we don’t go from A to B so much as from A to Z, or from A to alpha; most often, we end up somewhere between the two, not quite one, and not quite the other -- in an airport, perhaps, that is and isn’t the place we left and the place we think we’re going to. Jet lag, in some ways, is the perfect metaphor for this, the neurological equivalent, I often feel, of some long, gray airport passageway that leads from one nowhere space to another. It speaks, you could say, for much in the accelerated world where we speed between continents and think we have conquered both space and time.”

That’s all for now.
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