March 6th, 2004


Brother, can you spare a dime...?

It looks like I might not be getting as much work as expected, so I went on a frantic online search for things to help buy food and pay bills. Found several good leads, I’ll let you know what turns up.

Then a new rush project came through from my regular job for the weekend, so things are looking up.

I also set up an online store, so if you want any of my photos on a T-shirt or mug, let me know and I’ll set it up. I’m basically just taking requests at this point.

And here’s a look inside the Eiffel Tower.
Eiffel Spine

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er, about that dime...

well, the weekend work just fell through. I’m going to bed.

I’m visiting Parsons Paris in the morning to find out about Fall classes and funding, then Jess wants to hit some museums.

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Happy Birthday Mom!

Went for a long walk today, circled Notre Dame in a mix of rain and sleet, then walked along the Seine to the American Church in Paris.
It’s next to the funkiest embassy I have ever seen, the South African Embassy. Unfortunately my camera was going dead, so I don’t have a photo yet.

So, here’s one of a headless saint from Notre Dame. Jess is pretty sure this is St. Denis.

St. Denis

I’ve been checking out the flying buttresses at Notre Dame and studying the Eiffel Tower. I’m pretty sure that most of the major tourist attractions in Paris were actually built by giant spiders.
giant spiders
thanks to BBspot
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