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Had a little party last night...

Jess invited a couple of Art Hist. Grad. friends over for dinner and we did the usual division of labor. She planned and picked the menu and chopped the veggies and read the recipes aloud to me.

And I... sautéed leeks and onions in a large sauce pan on burner one while simmering garlic in butter on burner two. Once the leeks were tender I added white beans and added chopped sundried tomatoes to the garlic.

Poured cream and basil into the tomato/garlic mix and set the pot aside. I then added a new pot to burner one and boiled water for pasta. The soup got shifted from burner one to a hot plate on the table.

Then the guests arrived. Jessica started conversation while I started the main course.

Burner two got a frying pan with four chicken breasts. Five minutes on each side and the chicken came out and carrots, onions and celery went in. Once the veggies were softened, I deglazed with a cup of dry white wine and added chopped prosciutto and sage. The breasts were placed on top and sprinkled with salt and pepper. Five more minutes on each side.

Meanwhile, I served the soup. Jess cut bread and we ate the first course.

Pasta got drained and tossed with the tomato cream sauce, chicken got put on plates, covered with the prosciutto and veggies.

Everything on the table, and I joined the conversation.

John brought a huge, delicious dessert. Pistachio cream tart with sugared grapefruit slices on top. Tea, coffee and bubbly water were served.

All-in-all, a success.

Downloaded several interesting songs today, PuffyAmiYumi, Vallajo, the Beatless Sense Mongers and Curiosity Valentine (thanks for the tip, Warren).

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