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occasionally witty things will show up here... [entries|friends|calendar]
“...something amazing, a boy falling from the sky”

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This still exists... huh. [05 Apr 2018|12:15pm]
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Someone stole my phone. [27 Dec 2016|09:55am]

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Click the shirt to buy the shirt. [23 Dec 2016|01:07pm]
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Oh, yeah, over there! [22 Dec 2016|03:08pm]
If you don't know me on Facebook, let me know. And happy holididdles.
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[08 Dec 2014|10:20pm]
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Oh, by the by... [25 Sep 2014|10:54pm]
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does +2 count as popular demand? [11 Sep 2014|05:26pm]

OK, fine. This will be for longer form blogging and things that don't fit on Facebook.

The greatest impediment for me will be the difficulty of typing on my phone.

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[11 Feb 2014|12:07am]
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I know that I should know, but... [26 Jan 2014|10:40pm]
Which of you are friends with Mary Robinette Kowal?
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Why can I post a video but not an audio file? [26 Jan 2014|01:31am]

Not the song I want to post, that will have to wait for a video, I guess.
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Digger Omnibus Kickstarter and other random nouns! [11 Jun 2013|12:10am]

Narration and Voice of Ganesh by me, voice of Digger by evilstoryteller.
Digger, is, of course, the work of ursulav. Believe it or not, I actually got a paid internship as her nemesis.
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I'm leaving on a jet plane... [13 May 2013|03:51pm]
I don't post here much anymore. I've dropped Twitter entirely. Most thoughts get expressed on Facebook. Anyway...

I'm finishing up my first year of college in Minneapolis (my..., um, ... 8th year in all since 1986?). I'm a senior again, again.

Got put into a class on Integrative Advertising, since the class I needed was cancelled. I was one of only two guys working on an ad campaign for a national nonprofit. Our team idea won and so I am leaving at 4am for New York. We pitch to the PR firm tomorrow, then they tear us apart and rebuild us and we pitch to the actual client on Wednesday. Then I sleep a few hours (up at 4am again) and fly home.

Then my summer internships start.

Photos next week.
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Wonder Fred Now: Release a Wonderful World [02 Mar 2013|06:45pm]
Datamosh video glitch project for MCAD Media 2.

Release a Wonderful World from Larry Holderfield on Vimeo.

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Playing in the design library [14 Jan 2013|03:27pm]
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Bat-Guy got a new family! It's a Christmas miracle! [25 Dec 2012|09:47am]
Bat-Guy in the Hizzouze!
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Want to see what I've done this semester? Photos and videos on my other blog [14 Dec 2012|01:03pm]
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0100 0000 Days until Robotmas, the most 42nd Day of the Year! [09 Dec 2012|05:41pm]
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Biomimicry project. [15 Nov 2012|12:12pm]
JeansSpread-01    JeansSpread-02    JeansSpread-03

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C∂ulhuvi∂a book trailer [31 Oct 2012|12:23pm]
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[30 Oct 2012|08:01pm]
Just for the record, I'm backing this journal up on Dreamwidth
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